Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting

How to fix your "disconnect WIFI issue"

  1. Reboot (unplug and replug) the router, access point or repeater, or all of them then wait 4 minutes before testing.
  2. Reboot your computer
  3. Verify what WLAN you are connecting to (the correct one is … )
  4. Go to speedtest.net and test your connection also use ping yahoo.com to see how many lost packets you get.
  5. Go with the laptop in the same room where the AP is and test again. If no packets are lost it means it's a distance problem or interference. Stay closer to the AP if you want to have it working temporarely and contact the Help Desk for a repair.
  6. Borrow an USB WIFI dongle, install on the PC and see if it will solve the disconnecting problem.
  7. If these do not fix the problem, call the Help Desk

Level two troubleshooting

  1. Distance is a problem - boost wireless signal by adding a better antenna to your AP or router or repeater, add a repeater to extend the range of the wifi signal.
  2. Use a free tool called inSSLDer to see the channels used around your location and then fix your equipment channel to the less used one.
  3. Upgrade the router, AP, repeater firmware to address well known issues and sometime loss of signal issues.
  4. Reposition the router to a central location away from the modem to have more coverage.
  5. If wireless router is set to auto you might want to try and set up a fixed channel.
  6. If router is right next to the modem and in a closed space there might be a heat build up which will affect both devices, please consider giving enough room to both and keep them cool if possible and out of the Sun.
  7. Please connect a cable from the router to your computer if possible and see if the internet is working intermittently as well, if it is then it is a issue with the router or modem.
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