Unable to read USB Key

Problem Description : User is unable to read/write/access to local USB Key.

Symptoms :

  • USB LED not flashing
  • Error message upon insertion
  • Does not appear in "My Computer"

Troubleshooting :

  1. Is USB Key detected by system?
  2. Verify if USB Key is encrypted or password protected.
  3. Check file atributes
  4. Verify if USB Key is properly seated in the system USB port
  5. Try another available USB port
  6. Disconnect USB Key
  7. Reboot system
  8. Reinsert USB Key after windows is fully loaded
  9. Verify USB Key in another known functional computer
  10. Use another known functional USB key in the same USB Port
  11. Check for errors in device manager / update or reinstall drivers - MS Fix SW
  12. Verify if the PnP (Plug and Play) service is running
  13. Verify Firewall settings / Antivirus settings for blocked media or port
  14. Restart system in safemode and verify if detected

Resolution :
If the above does NOT resolve the issue, perform the following:

  • If the issue is related to the media - Advise user that they will need ot obain another USB Key, and educate on proper media backup/restore practices.
  • If the issue is related to the system - Escalate to Field Service Tech
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