Unable to open Web pages

At the beginning be sure that other pages are not accessible.

Network problems
Open windows command prompt Start\ Run\cmd\ok

  • -Use command ipconfig/all to get information about network configuration. It should be shown.
  • -if the address begins with 169. you should renew IP address by:

To release your Ip address ipconfig/release
To renew your IP address ipconfig/renew

  • verify wifi connection

click on the icon connections on the Taskbar and try to connect if it is disconnected

  • reboot modem
  • if it does not help we have to check services: DHCP, DNS with system administrator

Software problems
- use TaskManager to be sure that the browser is still responding.
- Try if it works with another browser. Ex: Mozila, Chrome
- check firewall options to be sure if service or port is not block.
- check antivirus option

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