Unable to connect to network services

Hardware problem

First at all, check if lights are blinking on the network card to make sure that you have network. If not, check if your cables are correctly connected to the wall and the computer. Also, make sure that the cables are connected to the patch panel and to the switch or router.

Software problem

First at all, reboot the computer. After that, do these steps:

Verify in Windows to make sure that the network card is detected in the device manager.

Make sure that DHCP is enabled in your network connection in Windows.

Open a command line by typing CMD or open command prompt in accessories.

Type : ipconfig /all

If you have an address like 169.x.x.x, you probably have a network problem. It's an address for Windows automatic addressing.

You can try to renew your address by typing this in the command prompt:

Type: ipconfig /renew

If you dont get any address after this, you probably have to contact your network administrator to make sure that the firewall or dhcp is working well.

If you have an address from the DHCP server. You can try to ping an external site like:

Type: ping google.com

If you have a response, your network is probably good. If not, it's probably an internet problem. So, you can try to ping an internal address like the file server or the router. If you don't receive any response, contact your network administrator.



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