Program Not Responding - WORD

Description: This sometimes happens with network connections or when trying to save large documents. A program that is not responding simply means that it has frozen. Often, if you close down the program and re-open it, this solves the error. Depending on what program you are working in at the time, it could be cause for concern. If this starts to happen frequently, it would be a good idea to have your computer checked out by an IT professional. It could mean that your operating system is starting to fail or your drivers need to be updated. A technician will be able to evaluate if it is a serious problem or not.

1. Close down the program and re-open it. Does the issue come back?
2. On the Microsoft Windows Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Office Tools, and then click Microsoft Office Application Recovery.
In the Application list, click the program or document that is not responding.
- To attempt to recover the files you were working on, click Recover Application.
- If you just want to close the program, and lose recent changes to the files, click End Application.
Is it resolved?
3. If the file is located on a shared drive on the network, save the file on the desktop first and try opening it locally.
4. Try opening the same file on another computer. If the issue reappears, the file might be corrupted.
5. If you can’t open a file on the network, try opening another same file extension. If you have the same “program not responding” issue, contact your IT administrator.

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