Not enough free disk space

Caller : Hi, I cannot save the attachment from my email
IT: Is there an error message?
Caller : I have a message that says “Not enough free disk space”.
IT: Open my computer, right click on the C drive icon and select properties
Caller: what do I do next?
IT: in the properties window, select the General tab near the Pie chart picture, Click on the Disk Clean up button. Check all the boxes and click on the OK button
Caller: ….
IT: Once the process is completed, are you able to save the attachment?
Caller : yes
IT: It is also recommended that you move your files onto the network or to a external storage unit (Pen drive, Hard drive, etc) to free up extra disk space. You can also remove any programs that are no longer needed. You can do that by going to the Control Panel and uninstall them in the Program and features section.

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