Monitor resolution is low

There are 3 possibilities that cause the resolution is too low.
1. Improper display settings.
2. Improper video card driver installed.
3. No video card driver installed.

Step 1: On the desktop right-click the mouse, and select screen resolution.
Step 2: Check the resolution, select the higher resolution that you want.
Step 3: Click the Apply button in the right corner.
Step 4: in the display settings page, click keep the change button.

Then the problem will be solved.

If it doesn’t work, go to advanced settings:

Step 5: click advanced settings
Step 6: in the Graphics properties on the adapter page, click properties button.
Step 7: go to the resources page, make sure that there is no conflicts.

If there are conflicts, go to the video card website and Choose the driver for your video card.

Step 8: go to the video card’s website, find and download the latest driver of you video card.
Step 9: after downloading the driver, install the driver following the installation steps.
Step 10: after the installation, restart the computer.

Go to step 1-4 to set the proper resolution, after the computer is started.

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