Knowledge Base improvement and accuracy

• Don’t use sentences like “What I do, is this and that”. The topic is not owned by anyone in particular. Use “What we're going to do is this and that” instead.
• If adding steps that a user needs to follow, try to be as specific as possible. Topics are written for all kinds of users, including those without knowledge about things that you might consider as easy. More advanced users won’t mind and this helps in limiting follow up questions. Don’t say “create this or that” but be more specific like “right-click here and select this option to create this or that”.
• It’s possible that you know there is something missing in a topic, but don’t know how to actually do this. In that case, leave a comment on the topic page so others that do know this can see it and submit an improvement
• Whether you are improving an existing topic or editing a placeholder, try to use the same general style of formatting as that used throughout either the existing topic or the knowledge base as a whole. This will help to give the KB a more cohesive look and will help new users by presenting a consistent format.
• Make articles search-engine-friendly. This includes putting the article title in the TITLE tag of the page, making the article URL include keywords, i.e.
• Add possibility for admin to specify "Related Articles" for each KB entry (making it easier for user to get additional information on a specific subject)
• Change rating system from YES/NO to something more specific (1 to 5 scale, for example)
• In the admin screen, add a "Preview" button when editing articles (as it stands the only way to see them is to save and view them as a client)
• In the admin screen, add a "Cancel" or "Back" button to return to article listing page without saving changes.
• Allow user-submitted contributions through something like a "Provide Feedback", "Add Comment", or "Discuss" link on each article page, allowing user to submit notes.
• Add a time stamp to articles, so as to know when they were created or last modified (would also allow features such as a "New/Latest Articles" listing on the user end)

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