How to Fix Common Computer Network Issues

How to Fix Common Computer Network Issues

Are you experiencing problems with your computer network? Are these error messages appearing?:
•Unable to clear the DNS cache
•Unable to renew your IP address
•An operation was performed on something that is not a socket
•Unable to clear the ARP cache
If so, here are some potential solutions for Windows XP/Vista.


1 Check to make sure your computer is on and is connected to a network.

2 Be aware that Windows has a built in function to repair a network connection.
This function can give valuable information in the form of an error message if you know what you are looking for. Some common error messages given are:
a. Unable to clear the DNS cache
b. Unable to renew your IP address
c. Unable to clear the ARP (Address resolution protocol) cache

1. Deal with a message that states "Unable to clear the DNS cache.
When you get the message “Unable to clear the DNS cache”, this usually means that the DNS client service has been disabled. Follow these steps as an administrator to re-enable it:

• Open the Services MMC plugin, located under Administrative Tools in the Control Panel;
• Find the “DNS Client” service in the list presented and enter it's properties by double-clicking it;
• Change the Startup Type from Disabled to Manual or Automatic then click apply;
• Either reboot or click “Start” to start the service;
• Verify by attempting to repair the connection again.

2. Fix a problem related to an IP address.
If the repair process reports that it has been 'Unable to obtain an IP address', it is probable that more information can be obtained through the command line. Open a Command Prompt by going to Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt, then type 'ipconfig /renew' to attempt to obtain an IP address from the command line.

3. Follow up the error messages that will likely appear.
There is a high likelihood of an error message similar to the one below occurring, the remainder of the guide will focus on this error.
• “An operation was performed on something that is not a socket"

4. Fix the error message "An operation was performed on something that is not a socket. :
This is a Winsock corruption generally due to spyware. The fixes are:

• A simple fix can be done with Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista (Start > Run > cmd > netsh winsock reset), then reboot your computer. If you do not have SP2, you can download a small program to reinstall Winsock: winsockfix.exe.

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