Code of Ethics

The mission of WiKiNörm is to promote the advancement of society and knowledge through the use of freely available standards.

Our values

As a independent and free association, WiKiNörm is open to all individuals who want to contribute. However, no commercial organisation may participate directly, only individuals may participate.

There can be no membership fee and no charge for SDO activities. However, WikiNörm may participate in activities, such as seminars and conferences, which have fees attached to them.

No discrimination may be made based on race, religion, sex, origin, country of residence, education or any other factor.

Individual members may participate or associate with whomever they choose. However, they must disclose all real, perceived or indirect conflicts of interests.

WikiNörm is a consensus based organisation. However, it must be noted that consensus does not mean 100% approuval. For each individual project, the Project Editor is the decisional authority. Disagreements may be submitted to the WikiNörm Technical Management Board (TMB) for dispute resolution.

As much as possible and to help preserve the environnement, all WikiNörm meetings and SDO activities should be done electronically, via public, unencrypted channels and open to all, including non-members. However, only members may submit contents or amendments.

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