Can't connect to network services

Ask user if it’s all network services or specific services.

User says it’s all network services.

Have user open File explorer and right click on network and click properties, verify that there is a connection.

If connection is not established, check network cables to see that they are properly plugged in and check if there is a network link light where the cable is connected to the PC.

If connection is established in network properties, click on the connection and look at status page of the connection. Click on the details button and see if the IP connection information is normal or if a Microsoft self assigned address is in effect, if the IP address starts with 169.254, DHCP did not work and user can’t communicate. Have user close Details page and press the Diagnose button and again verify if connectivity is established after the diagnose process.

If no network, check if PC is attached to phone and phone is working properly.

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